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    Laboratory Managers Association of South Australia Inc.

    The Laboratory Managers Association of South Australia Inc. was formed in 1994 to facilitate training, education and development of members and to assist in communicating ideas and information. The association is open to all persons working as Science laboratory personnel in the education environment in both state and independent schools.

    The association is run by members for members. An elected executive committee meets on the second Monday of each Term at the Education Development Centre.

    The association is affiliated with CEASA.


    The Laboratory Managers Association of South Australia Inc :
         *fosters mutual support and sharing of members knowledge and experience

         *promotes networking and PD opportunities

         *and empowers members
    to provide safe and positive outcomes that enhance Science education.

    We believe that laboratory personnel are integral in improved student outcomes.

    By providing technical support to teachers and students we encourage the exploration of the sciences. 
    We model and encourage safe work practices.


    * To act as a support for members

    * To facilitate Training, Education and Development

    * To assist in communicating ideas and information

    • Relieving Staff

      LMASA can provide a list of people willing to act as relieving staff, in school laboratories.

      If you require relieving staff, please contact:

           Margaret Boyle
           Eynesbury Senior College
           15-19 Franklin Street
           Adelaide, SA 5000
           Ph: 8216-9115 (direct)
                8410-5388 (school)
          Fax: 8410-5253

      If you wish to be included in the list of relieving staff, please complete the Relieving Staff Form below, and post to Margaret.

    • Membership

      Membership is open to all persons working in the education environment in SA or NT, both state and independent, as laboratory personnel in the science area.

      The LMASA uses an online membership system called “EdSA Gateway”. The system is hosted by CEASA/Educators SA, the umbrella organisation for all education associations, of which we are member.

      If you wish to become a member go to:

      There will be two ways to pay, either by credit card or EFT. If you choose to pay by credit card, a Tax Invoice will be sent to your email account within a day or two. If you choose EFT a Tax Invoice will be sent to your email account marked “Unpaid”. Once the electronic funds transfer has been made, you will receive a Tax Invoice marked “Paid”.

      If you have any question about membership, please contact Rianne Wright at or 8375 1700.

      Membership Provides:

      • members prices at our annual conference and our other functions
      • indemnity insurance for the association plus the Eastern & Hills, Western, Northern and Southern Hub Group meetings
      • information on interstate conferences
      • access to an email distribution list of members
      • access to a further 'members only' web page
      • Contact Details

        To contact the Laboratory Managers Association of SA Inc please contact:

        or any of the people below.


        Jacki Victory

        Gawler & District College B-12
        Barnet Rd
        EVANSTON  SA  5116
        Phone: (08) 8521 2400
        Fax: (08) 8523 0439


        Margaret Boyle
        Eynesbury Senior College
        5-19 Franklin Street
        Adelaide, SA 5000
        Ph: 8216-9115 (direct)
               8410-5388 (school)
        Fax: 8410-5253


        Rianne Wright

        c/- Immanuel College

        32 Morphett Rd

        NOVAR GARDENS SA 5040

        Phone (08) 8375 1700

        Fax (08) 8294 2658



        Sheryl Hoffmann

        c/- Concordia College

        24 Winchester St

        HIGHGATE SA 5063

        Phone (08) 8272 0444


        • Access to Our Member's Only Webpages

          The LMASA has a webpage filled with useful information, resources and archived copies of The Spatula. You need to be a current financial member to access the page. Please follow the instruction below.